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For Catalytic Converters Circuit Boards, and other Precious Metal Waste Products..

JWB Recycling

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JWB Recycling

JWB Recycling Ltd. are Specialists in Precious Metal Recovery. We buy many different types of Precious Metal Scrap from throughout the United Kingdom. Sell your Precious metal Scrap Contact us, we can even visit your site.

JWB Recycling Specialise in Precious Metal Recovery

JWB Recycling Specialise in Precious Metal Recovery. If you have Precious Metal scrap to sell, Electronic Scrap, Catalytic Converters or any other form of Ferrous and Non Ferrous scrap Metal Please do contact us. Realise the best return on your Precious Metal Scrap and contact JWB Recycling Today.

How We Buy

JWB Recycling¬†Ltd. has a very effective buying policy, designed to be as quick and easy as possible for our clients.  See How We Buy Page.


Cats2Cash Sell your Catalytic Converters

Buying Catalytic Converters from Anywhere in the UK

Sell Electronic Scrap

JWB Currently Buying
Electronic Scrap

PC and Circuit boards Computer Scrap, Relay contacts,

Sell Circuit Boards

Sell Your Circuit boards and Components

JWB are Currently Buying Scrap Circuit Boards

Sell Electronic Waste

Electronic Waste Scrap

JWB Recycling are currently buying electrical Waste and Scrap

Gold Silver Jewellery

Gold Silver Jewellery

JWB are currently buying Gold, Platinum and Silver Jewellery

NON Ferrous Metals

Sell your Non Ferrous Metal Scrap

Wanted Brass, Copper, Nickel, Tin, Gunmetal, Aluminium and zinc

Ferrous Metals

JWB Recycling are currently Buying

Ferrous metals. Steel, Stainless, Iron and Cast iron.